NZGrapher Support

NZGrapher is an online graphing tool specifically designed for supporting the teaching of the statistics in New Zealand. The idea behind NZGrapher was to create a web based statistical package that can run on any device, without an install. 

This Site contains supporting material for NZGrapher as well as links to the NZQA and TKI websites to help find the info for NCEA easily. To see the old materials that used to be on MathsNZ go to and The resources there are no longer being maintained, but are provided as is, where is, if anyone still does want to use them.

My wife Olivia and I have also created a site that covers the Base Maths Concepts Linked to the Learning Progression Framework. This is a free resource for anyone to use to help them with their planning and teaching.

If you see any errors on this site please let me know.

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